Benjamin Coelho's new CD AGNUS DEI, Music for Bassoon and Chorus, has been just released by MSR Classics. The CD contains works for solo bassoon and choir by Hovland, van Beurden, Williams, Eyser, and Vernon Fish. The CD features The Universiy of Iowa School of Music's premiere choral group Kantorei conducted by Timothy Stalter. Also in the CD are the Five Songs for solo soprano and bassoon by the Brazilian composer Francisco Mignone, featuring the soprano Michelle Crouch.

Benjamin's other recordings include Dreaming in Colours, Pas de Trois, Bravura Bassoon, and Bassoon Images from the Americas. Additionally, Benjamin has participated on two discs with the WiZARDS! A Double Reed Consort.

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Agnus Dei (2012)
Dreaming in Colours (2011)
Explorations (2007)

Pas de Trois (2006)
Bravura Bassoon (2005)
Bassoon Images from the Americas (2003)
WiZARDS! Works! (2003)
Classical WiZARDS! (2000)


Egil Hovland
Agnus Dei, Op. 167 for bassoon and mixed choir a capella

1. Agnus Dei  
2. Qui tollis peccata mundi  
3. Songs and Dances  
4. Dona nobis pacem  

Bernard van Buerden
5. The End of Troy
for female choir and bassoon solo


Adrian Williams
6. My Heart Is Steafast
for a choir of four mixed voices and bassoon solo


Eberhard Eyser
7. Oratione pro pacem
for mixed choir and solo bassoon


Adrian Vernon Fish
Oferen Gernewk Vyghan (A Little Cornish Mass)
for bassoon with four vocal soloists and double choir

8. Comendyans (Intoitus)  
9. Arluth (Kyrie)  
10. Gordhys (Gloria)  
11. Sans (Sanctus)  
12. Benyghys (Benedictus)  
13. Agan Tas-ny (Pater Noster)  
14. On Dew (Agnus Dei)  

Gretchen Bruesehoff, soprano
Jacqueline Lang, alto
Noah Delong, tenor
Brian Dykes, bass

Francisco Mognone
Five Songs for Bassoon and Soprano

15. Quando na roça anoitece  
16. Canção de Negros  
17. Canção da mãe paupérrima  
18. Assombração  
19. Pinhão quente  

Michelle Crouch, soprano



The University of Iowa Kontorei
Timothy Stalter, conductor


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Dreaming in Colours

Peter Schickele
Summer Serenade

1. Dreams  
2. Games  
3. Songs and Dances  

John Steinmetz
Suite from an Imaginary Opera

4. Aria  
5. Dance  
6. Recitative  
7. Aria  
8. Apotheosis  

Drake Mabry
9. Duo for Bassoon and Piano

Paul Jelescu
10. Rapdosie Dobrogeana

José Siqueira
Drei Etüden für Fagott und Klavier

11. Ad libitum - Allegro  
12. Tempo di Modinha  
13. Allegro scherzoso  

Hye-Kyung Lee
Dreaming in Colours

14. Shades of Blue  
15. Old Rose  
16. Pale Yellow - Dark Red  


Alan Huckleberry, piano


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Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata in E-flat major, BWV 1031

1. Allegro moderato [listen]
2. Siciliano [listen]
3. Allegro [listen]

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata in D major, Op. 102, No. 2

4. Allegro con brio [listen]
5. Adagio con molto  sentimento d'affetto [listen]
6. Allegro [listen]

Robert Schuman
Drei Romanzen, Op. 94

7. Nicht schnell [listen]
8. Einfach, innig [listen]
9. Nicht schnell [listen]

Johannes Brahms
Sonata in F minor, Op. 120, No.1

10. Allegro appassionato [listen]
11. Andante un poco adagio [listen]
12. Allegretto grazioso [listen]
13.Vivace [listen]


Uriel Tsachor, Piano


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Benjamin Coelho's transcriptions are now published by EditionVIENTOS. They are also available at TrevCo.

Pas de Trois

Bernard Van Beurden
Pas de Trois

1. Ouverture [listen]
2. Pastorale  
3. Tarantella [listen]
Published by MuziekGroep

Jindrich Feld
Trio Giocoso
4. Allegro [listen]
5. Andante [listen]
6. Allegro vivo [listen]

Published by Leduc

David Froom

7. Arirang Variations [listen]

Perry Goldstein
8. Noir [listen]

Published by Stone Breaker Music

Don Freund
Louder than Words

9. Part I [listen]
10. Part II [listen]

Kenneth Tse, saxophones
Alan Huckleberry, piano


Bravura Bassoon

Johann Evangelist Brandl
Quintet in Bb, Op. 52, No. 1

for Bassoon, Violin, 2 Violas, Cello

1. Allegro ma non troppo [listen]
2. Andante con moto  
3. Minuetto [listen]
4. Moderato  

Gordan Jacob
Suite for Bassoon and String Quartet

5. Prelude [listen]
6. Caprice [listen]
7. Elegy  
8. Rondo  

Bernhard Heiden
Serenade for Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Cello

9. Notturno  
10. March  
11. Intermezzo [listen]
12. Scherzo [listen]
13. Epilogue [listen]

Heitor Villa-Lobos
14. Corrupio, Bailado [listen]
for Basoon and String Quintet

Gerardo Dirié
Anjo Breve for Bassoon and String Quintet
15. Perambulo [listen]
16. A Bengala Zuniu no Ar
(2 sound clips)
17. Ao Longo do Tempo  

Maia String Quartet:
Amy Appold, Violin
Margaret Soper-Gutierrez, Violin
Elizabeth Oakes, Viola
Hannah Holman, Cello

Christine Rutledge, Viola
Volkan Orhon, Bass
Anthony Arnone, Conductor


Bassoon Images From the Americas

Heitor Villa-Lobos
Bachianas Brasileiras No. 6

for Bassoon and Flute
1. Aria (Chôro) [listen]
2. Fantasia [listen]

Amelia Kaplan
3. Blow  
for Solo Bassoon

Mario Lavista
4. Responsorio in memorian Rodolfo Halffter [listen]
for Bassoon and Percussion

John Steinmetz
5. Etude No. 5  
for solo bassoon

Lawrence Fritts
6. Pre-images [listen]
for Bassoon and Tape

Aylton Escobar
7. Cantares para Airton Barbosa [listen]
for solo bassoon

Francisco Mignone
Sonata No. 1 for Two Bassoons
8. Allegro  
9. Modinha [listen]
10. Rondo-Chorinho [listen]

Tadeu Coelho, Flute
Daniel Moore and Adam Grosso, Percussion
William LaRue Jones, Bassoon



WiZARDS! Releases it's 4th CD Works performed include:Graham Powning "Divertimento," J. Holik "Sonatine "Vier Peppis für Josef;" L'Herminier "Valse et Marche;" Albeniz/Morton "Twilight;" Friedrich Fasch "Sonata á 4;" Robert Sibbing "Four Western Songs;" Phillip Schroeder "Reminiscence;" Tedrow Perkins "Suite for WiZARDS!"



Classical WiZARDS!

The First American recording of the Beethoven Trio, op. 87
"Quartetto" by Johann Schenk
"Parthia" by Dussek
"Variationi sulla follia d'Espagna" by Antonio Salieri
Overture to "The Impresario" by Mozart

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