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"Benjamin Coelho impressed with his deft realization of the solo part in Mozart's Bassoon Concerto in B-Flat Major, K. 191. The tones he shaped were pleasingly mellow, and every note, even those in runs or passages of dangerous leaps and descents, was clearly articulated."

Peter Jacobi
The Herald-Times

"The artistry of i nterpretation was captured perfectly by the symphony's own Benjamin Coelho on Vivaldi's 'Basoon Concerto in A minor'.
Not only was it an intense pleasure to see this massive double reed in the solo spot, it was even more wonderful to see Coelho play it with such a degree of physical and emotional passion."

Diana Nolten
Cedar Rapids Gazette


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Pas de Trois
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Bravura Bassoon

"This is a very good compilation of pieces with Benjamin Coelho and the Maia Quartet. Crystal Records has really got something special with this combination of musicians. .. Coelho is fantastic. His sound is brilliant, resonant, and strong, and he has a warm tone that blends superbly with the strings."

American Record Guide

"Benjamin Coelho's programme is an international affair that shows the range of colors and character that the bassoon can explore in tandem with string colleagues. His playing is unfailingly sonorous, expressive and alert, and he champions the pieces on this recording as if he believed in them without reservation."

Donald Rosenberg
The Gramophone

"Ben has such a gorgeous sound, such impeccable technique, and such sensitive musicality, that i tis a real pleasure to recommend this album very strongly to all of you!"

Ronald Klimko
The Internatinoal Double Reed Society

Bassoon Images From the Americas

"With character, vitality, and all together virtuous playing, Benjamin Coelho has assembled a repertoire of American bassoon music that he and his audience can relate to and learn from. "

American Record Guide

"The overall playing and musicianship on this CD is first rate...Ben Coelho is one of the finest bassoonists of this young generation."

Ronald Klimko
The International Double Reed Society

"...the disc features Coelho as a true soloist and demonstrates his incredible control of dynamics throughout the complete range of the instrument, as well as his ability to maintain that rich, nutty tone quality without compromising it in the face of all the extended techniques required."

"....the whole thing [CD] is excellently performed..."

John McDougal
The British Double Reed Society


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